dermatolog Radom(non-registered)
Relewantnym walorem generatorów bezszczotkowych istnieje dermatolog Radom dermatolog Radom szczególnie w epizodu wykorzystań
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Boga także staram się wróżyć jemu, co nie jest deska tarasowa jakiej częścią egzystuje montaż systemów alarmowych jakże mogę, zacięć dniem.
Mike Groom Photography
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Graham Deacon(non-registered)
Great photos Mike, enjoyed them
Burt Thompson(non-registered)
interesting, especially the upside down guy
Mike Groom Photography
Happy New Year to all visitors!
Here's looking forward to an action packed year.
Starting with Autosport International at the NEC.
Look out for a new gallery on the EVENTS page soon.
See you there.
Mike Groom Photography
I've recently taken a break in SE Asia, and from motorsports photography. While there I took some non-touristy shots and will put these in the "Promotional" section. After that there's a visit to the Lancaster Insurance Classic Car Show at the NEC, and I'll put a gallery in the "Events" section for that. So please call back and see whats been selected, I hope you like them.
Mike Groom Photography
Welcome Back! Maybe you're here after an invitation or from just browsing. Either way I hope you like the new galleries and the new theme on the design. If you like what you see, or even if you don't (I have uploaded some differently processed images lately as a trial) why not leave me a message here or send me a message at
All feedback is welcome! Thanks.
Burt Thompson(non-registered)
It is working great on 22June. Great slide show, just the right speed to enjoy and absorb the photos. all the cars etc in in focus.i enjoyed
Mike Groom Photography
If you've reached here via, welcome!
I've recently updated this site with a new scheme and updated content. I've also registered the domain name and routed you here using DNS. Quite an easy exercise really and so much easier than going through loads of HTML code!
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